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By Iain Wilson 24 August 2020

If You Would like to proceed into the Master Penthouse over the GTA Online Casino, here’s all you Want to understand

The GTA Online casino Penthouse signifies the best in luxury living, as it is not just decked out with lots of opulence but also provides immediate access into the Diamond Casino and Resort, and of course that the helipad on the roof should you ever have to create a fast escape. You can completely customise your mat to your specifications, so whether you would like to put in a private croupier for personal card matches or a personal bar to drink the night away, the options are there – and should you ever need a champagne delivery, or the cleanup ceremony the morning afterwards, it’s all just a phone call away.

Helpfully, we’re currently residing in the GTA Online casino, therefore possess an insider perspective about the profits of being a VIP member. Follow our guide, and we’ll let you know precisely how a lot of the GTA Online casino Penthouse prices, the way to purchase this, and what you could do next. All your GTA Online pals will be jealous once you invite them around for a decadent celebration – only don’t forget to book that cleaning service afterwards to deal with the mess.

How a lot of does the GTA Online Casino Penthouse cost

To buy a GTA Online casino Penthouse, you can either visit the Diamond Casino and Resort website from your phone, or follow the prompt when interacting with Guest Services in the casino foyer. There are three preset Penthouse Suite layouts you can choose, or design your own, and their costs are as follows:

  • Crash Pad – $1,500,000
  • Party Penthouse – $3,776,500
  • High Roller – $6,533,500
  • Design Your Own – $1,500,000

To be clear – all of these options are just different configurations of the equal Penthouse area, where the more expensive versions have additional expansion options and colours/patterns added in, so there is only one type of Penthouse available for buy.

What expansions are available for the GTA Online Casino Penthouse

After buying the GTA Online casino Penthouse, there are eight additional areas you can add as expansions to fill out your luxury pad, which appear in the locations as marked on the above floor plan. These are as follows:

Lounge Area – $400,000

This is where your Penthouse development begins, adding a dining area and a bar. You’ll need this expansion in order to incorporate the next five areas.

Media Room – $500,000

As well as giving you a private venue to watch your favourite shows on, you can also play Don’t Cross The Line onto the large screen so long as you’ve got slightly 2 players current.

Spa – $600,000

Max bet gta online casino login Video

As well as a incorporating a personal spa to your Penthouse, you’ll have access to your stylist in any way times to modify your appearance whenever you fancy.

Bar and Party Hub – $700,000

This expansion permits you to host your own parties on your Penthouse package, in addition to including the Invade and Persuade two and Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition arcade machines using a selection of two cabinet styles. You’ll require at least two players to begin a match a Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition.

Private Dealer – $1,065,000

Play Blackjack or Three Card Poker in the comfort of your Penthouse by employing a personal dealer to maintain the cards flowing. Additionally, this is where you’ll see your card collection if you accumulate all 54 of the GTA Online playing cards. To change the table in the middle Blackjack and Three Card Poker, undergo the Interaction Menu > Penthouse Management > Private Table.

Max bet gta online casino login

Office – $200,000

As well as supplying a computer to access the world wide web, the workplace also comes with a hidden secure and also a gun , which may be used to optimise your loadout. To get , head into the opposite end of the space in the computer and follow the prompts that appear close to the wall.

Extra Bedroom – $200,000

The excess bedroom provides a while sleeping area for people to wreck over, and they’ll also have the ability to get their private wardrobe from here while staying in your location.

Garage – $900,000

This provides you a personal luxury 10-vehicle garage to store your most cherished motors, which you could also ask to be delivered to you with the casino’s Limo service.

What else can you do from the GTA Online Casino Penthouse

The other crucial characteristic of having a GTA Online casino Penthouse is having the ability to get Phone Services, offered by picking up the phone marked by an I on the minimap close to the elevator. Here, you are able to get casino chips in precisely the equal manner that you would in the Cashier (with the equal limitations ), sponsor a celebration for $20,000, arrange the Valet to send one of your vehicles in the garage, ask a free bottle of champagne to grow your inventory, telephone at the Cleaning Service in case your Penthouse wants up a draft, arrange a limo to take you to a destination that is set, or possess a helicopter you have delivered into the rooftop helipad.

You may also kit out your package with many different art pieces, which can be obtained via the Interaction Menu > Penthouse Management > Place Decorations then picking a room along with also the item (s) you want to buy chips prior to choosing a placement for them. But you choose to kit out of your GTA Online casino Penthouse, you’ll be living the high life in opulent surroundings. Now obtain out there and perform throughout the newest casino assignments.

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Max bet gta online casino login

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