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Rubbish in each manner

Rubbish in each manner, got a little win when before all else connecting, presumably to maintain my gambling. No wins after all, I suggest what’s 500 to those folks. Will never gamble on here .

Conned out money once they…

Conned out money as soon as they suspended my Grand National wager, then made my out daily way bet wasn’t one. Since they suspended my bet I have no betting slip visable. Real con artists.

They need investigating can not even…

They need investigating can not even believe they have a license the ukgc must be getting paid of to keep quite it’s impossible to win on the slots scamming scum bags

Do not bother with this rubbish

Do not bother with this rubbish, the bingo and repeat winners is statistically impossible, free weekly game 3000 plus players and yet similarly winners week after week and they very rarely miss a bingo session. As for the slots they are an absolute disgrace and another site that teamed up with competitors and lowered there rtp on grand national day as they knew footfall would develop.

Hi been on ladbrooks awhile been on…

Hi been on ladbrooks awhile been on many sites this site eats your money and hardley pays anythink .sorry to say I like the site but seems to take take if you dont belieave me ladbrookes check how a lot of I have spent in 1 month and how a lot of I have won ha joke .not happy with ladbrooks would not give ratings.phillip staniland. :-LRB-

Deposited over 70 on slots and have…

Deposited over 70 on slots and have had no wins apart from the odd 2 absolute shambles!! KEEP YOUR MONEY

I decide to tell this company that…

I decide to tell this company that after playing on here and not getting a fair service from them . Ladbrokes decided to block my account even tho I had 2football bets waiting to be played . I wasn’t given any telling of the occurring even though had a couple hours before the beginning of any games starting.i was angry since I may have opted to cash out through drama and wasn’t given a refund. not sure if what they have done is legal. Don’t anticipate any loyalty out of them only be prepared to drop all of your cash to a one-piece do disgusting firm. I’ll be taking a look at the legal counsel on this particular conduct.

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Take money then suspend your accounts

Opened an account through the App. Got an email to state account confirmed so may add funds and put stakes. Additional money finished bets for the Grand National but couldn’t finish as my account has been suspended!? Online chat unhelpful saying I must wait 24 hours because the account is flagged for extra focus. Additionally won’t raise a request for refund for 24 hours due to internal timescales. So not a lot of use for today’s Grand National! Despite correcting them 4 times they also kept calling me Daniel!? Seems from Facebook this has happened to other and it appears to be a known issue – but of course still happy to take peoples money! Poor service indeed! Will obtain refund, close the account and never use again!

I backed a rugby team at 9/5 I obtain a.. .

I backed a rugby team at 9/5 I obtain a email saying they made a mistake on the cost, the real cost is 4/9 so I demand them as its your mistake can you void the bet as the game on tomorrow they refused to void bet. is it legal to change someone bet manually? No cash out available. i am actually really shocked.

Don’t irritate winners on bingo…

Don’t bother repeat winners on bingo day in day out every room is the similarly waste of money

Pure thieves! Give them a bodyswerve.

Played their Instant spins game and it landed on the 100, only to miraculously jump back two spaces to the no win section of the wheel. Never seen it jump back, to everything else after landing on a section before. A complete and utter shambles! After this escapade Ladbroke, you’ve just lost a customer, as I don’t mind losing the Horses and soccer, as I selected those choices and I accept this. What I don’t accept is you blatantly and right in front of me ripping me off, for winning a prize, on that instant spins wheel. It jumped back 2 spaces to the no win section, After it had already stopped, on the 100 win! Total thieves and you won’t obtain a opportunity to tear me off again!

Thanks to ladbrokes using all the Fantastic chances to triumph with Eddy

I really do call him a tipster, but I met with him as a stationary match adviser, I will say he’s among those few folks I know understand the meaning of honesty. He’s helped when it comes to winning, I discovered him Instagram from the title EDDYMOREM thought his words and left a massive bet on his before all else suggestion that I made a lot to it and paid him just as a lot of as he needs afterwinning from this very before all else day until today he has become the very best when it comes to winning. Due ladbrokes

Had a few fantastic wins not missing as I.. .

Had some great wins not missing as I pulled my winnings therefore all great for today Fantastic games simple go obtain bonuses on all slot games

Great site abit slow but compensated out me in…

Great site abit slow but compensated out me in 1 hour 10p spin on rainbow jackpot won 40 obtained the lucky win and 100 free spins Cheers

Changed my wager

I don’t wish to obtain mad with you guys or everything but this is quite dissapointing. I typically set bets prior to going to sleep and wake up to find the outcomes. I wager UNDER 5,5 aids for Stephen Curry last night and you guys put OVER 5,5 in my ticket. Today each one the accumulator bets are considered a reduction. Up till today I have had a very good experience with ladbrokes therefore its shocking and surprising that you men would destroy one of my stakes. Please do something about it, as I said, this is my sole winning ticket and I need the cash I deserve. For the last time, I put a wager about the UNDER not the OVER. Given that ive been client together with you guys for many years, I thought you’d partially hear me out. This isn’t normal what’s occurred to me personally. Please do this asap

Started with Ladbrokes two week past and…

Started with Ladbrokes two week ago and finding it slow to figure out the wager is bad, once accounts apparent of funds afterward I’m returning to Bet 365 to assist the commission of Denise Coates.

Would give 1 star if I could

Would give 1 star if I could.

Slots are a comprehensive fix! I have spent 500 at the same time, just like I do on many sites I.e William Hill etc, I’ve won large there. In total I won 70 away 500. And didn’t obtain the bonus feature once. My partner then uploaded money and lost on his account. On the exact similarly game and also no bonus feature.

If you want to play genuine slots go to William Hill. Ladbrokes is the biggest waste of time. No I’m not mad I lost money, I’m mad that it’s not a fair game. 4 a spin 500. . And I don’t win after? Hmmmmmmm.

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Ladbrokes casino trustpilot

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