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Vegas is available – The newest on Vegas?

Our newest (Vegas is Open – April 2021!) is your on-location Vegas series, Road Trip to Vegas Mini-Series from April 4th to April 8th.

Our previous trip was in February 2021.

Find all the details on ZorkCast, the TravelZork Podcast. Season 5 – Episode 110 Back To Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor Updates

In addition to some last-minute Wynn Las Vegas excursion in January 2021, our former visit to Vegas was in November 2020 for its Circa Opening. I also had the pleasure to see a different Caesars property. I had been quite crucial in this informative article of my June 2020 trip to Caesars Palace Las Vegas, but things improved in November 2020. Soit’s very important to point out the resort experience is becoming a lot of better in Caesars Properties in Las Vegas.

(Article Updated April 2021)

Road Trip to Vegas Mini Series

  • Episode 1: April 4th "The Road To Vegas"
  • Episode 2: April 5th "Bungalows Vegas Predictions w/ Vital Vegas"
  • Episode 3: April 6th "From Wynn to Caesars with a stop for Wagyu"
  • Episode 4: April 7th "I went to find a Virgin but found a Mohegan"

The Latest Vegas News

Vegas Is OpenChanges from February 15th, 2021

  • Casinos, pubs, and restaurants can go from 25% to 35% potential Monday, February 15th
  • Reservations won’t be required. Table limits will be bumped from 4 to 6 individuals. Ability at these companies increase on March 15 to 50 percent.
  • Public parties and events are going to have fresh ability of 100 people or 35 percent – whichever is lower. This may gain to 250 individuals or 50% potential on March 15.

May 1st – A Date To Watch

If all goes well, limitations will be loosened even more on May 1.

The March 15 season is timed well for casinos, pubs, and restaurants since the before all else weekend of March Madness happens that week. While 50 percent isn’t perfect for businesses it’s certainly better than the 25% capacity.

Shows in Las Vegas

Are you curious about the current situation with shows and entertainment in Las Vegas? Be sure to see our frequently updated overview: LAS VEGAS SHOWS – During Covid Times.

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I’m torn about Vegas I’m torn about the adjustments I’m stressed, happy, sad, thrilled

Return To Vegas – Vegas Is Open

Nobody thought we’d be saying the term "Vegas Is Open. " If you aren’t a genuine fan of everything Vegas, you may not know what it means to come back to Las Vegas. That feeling you obtain when you find the strip landing at LAS. That feeling you obtain. You’ve arrived. You haven’t only arrived anywhere; you’ve arrived at Las Vegas. Everything is an opportunity; it’s merely favorable; everything could occur; everything will occur.

But, afterward. Covid.



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Vegas locked; Vegas never shuts. Vegas isn’t supposed to shut. It’s unnatural; you overlook close Vegas. Vegas is always in motion. No matter what happens. Vegas is OPEN 24 HOURS, except when it’s not.

The last time Vegas locked was the 25th of November, 1963. It was for John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

Michael Mason Trager in Las Vegas – 1970s

For some of us, Vegas is in our blood. It was actually in our blood before we even realised it. My earliest memories of Las Vegas were the Caesars Palace Las Vegas and MGM Grand. I think my mother always wanted a daughter, or she felt that kids need to look "eloquent " when they went out with their parents in Las Vegas.

But enough about my Vegas sentiment. Casinos closing are a pretty big deal, and an even bigger deal in Las Vegas. When the Las Vegas casinos locked in March due to COVID-19 it was not only historical, but also a logistically complicated situation.

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Vegas Is Open – Caesars Palace Las Vegas

We figured a great place to start for the iconic re-opening of Las Vegas was Caesars Palace Las Vegas. After a bizarre but seamless cheese and pickle sandwich journey from London to LAX and a relatively easy drive from LAX to Vegas, I arrived. (You can watch our opening day video here.)


This was not your normal Las Vegas arrival. First off, there was no valet parking. I at before all else assumed this was a ubiquitous change for Las Vegas due to COVID-19. It was time to reacquaint myself with the joys of self-parking

When you park in a Las Vegas casino you are seldom going to wind up parking anywhere near the desired entrance or property location. This time was no exception.

I gathered my hand baggage which consisted of a rollerboard and a duffle and made my way to the "casino" entrance from the parking lot. Having been to Caesars quite a few times in the past, I had some understanding of where I would be once I actually got into the property.

I had a nice walk through the property, and the excitement tends to build as you near the "iconic" Caesars Palace Lobby Area. Things were familiar but different. I mean, you usually don’t have many or some people wearing masks and you got the impression there was some shift in the atmosphere.

First significant shift was that the normal queue to front desk has been launched using a temperature test area. Setting aside if you feel that assessing the present temperature of visitors is a sensible preventative step, it just seems strange.

In the front of the principal statue were antibacterial channels that were touch liberated, and there was a security guard with a mask which also had added masks to new people who wanted a mask.

Being a traveling loyalty individual, and this being Vegas, it’s frequently about standing. I demand if there was a lineup for Seven Star Caesars Rewards Members. Nobody enjoys a queue, and you particularly don’t enjoy a queue in Vegas. Luckily, they said ! The Diamond/Seven Stars test region was working, and they advised me to move towards the particular VIP check-in area towards the Augustus Tower.

Now, this is where understanding the design or possibly a little "luck" pays off. I chose an area in the Augustus Tower that is among the more recent towers in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Caesars is a sprawling resort complex That’s Been enlarged in a somewhat random fashion after all it started (insert year)

While I have always loved and valued the background of Caesars Palace, in recent decades there’s been a little disconnection concerning the super premium excellent merchandise that Caesars represented for decades, and in its early decades.

In the past few decades, Caesars partners and support levels continues to be saddled with draconian price cutting steps. Oddly, Caesars Palace Las Vegas still controls some of the high costs on the Vegas Strip. Sometimes, it may cost more to stay at Caesars at a premium space than Wynn Las Vegas.

The newer towers were something to behold. When Augustus Tower before all else started, I recall how awestruck I had been in the dimensions and caliber of the tricky item. It was perfect and huge. Including beautiful comforts and minibar. After Augustus arrived the Octavius Tower (a true schlep in the casino floor, or maybe really great for people who should obtain within their "steps").

I was eager to have reserved a five-night free stay for launching in the Augustus Tower. I guessed it’d be a return to an older friend, that I hadn’t seen after all as soon as the tower before all else started. However, alas, a lot of as the rumour goes of the passing of Augustus by toxin from his wife Livia, we’ll soon determine that the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas had an identical fate.

Photograph 2020 Michael Trager | Caesars Palace Las Vegas – VIP Check In Desk

Caesars – Poisoned by Cost-Cutting

We shall never be sure if Livia actually petitioned Augustus, but for certain it became clearly evident quite quickly that Caesars Entertainment has "poisoned" The Augustus Tower along with the whole casino hotel complicated by cost-cutting.

While checking in we learned about the new processes during the jump. This comprised:

Is vegas casino open yet Video

  • No Housekeeping Services
  • No Room Service
  • No Valet Parking (Update 23 June – It was reported there’s now valet for sure guests)

Were these modifications to our health and security? Or were these alter actually the #CovidExcuse disguised as cost-cutting? If these products were really health and safety products, why are additional "luxury" properties capable to work out safe alternatives. Why does bringing room service and departing out a doorway pose a threat to resort guests?

While the only men and women who think Caesars Palace is a 5-star luxury house is Caesars Entertainment, the way are different possessions coping with their reopening?

In contrast, Wynn Las Vegas is supplying each the services at a "COVID-Friendly" way. By way of instance, Wynn Las Vegas provides all the services that Caesars Palace Las Vegas has stopped for "our safety. " Further, Wynn Las Vegas also has Turn Down Service on request.

Caesars Health and Safety Protocols summarizes these processes. You’ll immediately detect a number of the most essential factors that affect a traffic guest experience.

  • Team members, such as guest room attendants, won’t enter rooms that are busy.
  • Guest deliveries will probably be dropped off outside the guest room door.

We are being advised these processes are for our security. However, it’s doubtful whether that’s truly the situation. Is seeking to decrease housekeeping and labour expenditures the greatest aim, not guest security?

Caesars Palace Las Vegas | Social Distancing | Bar Precautions | No Housekeeping | Room Sealed Prior to Arrival

"Gambling" together with your security

Is vegas casino open yet

Safety protocols have been designed to maintain guest secure. In cases like this, dealing with important guest security challenges because of COVID-19. I noticed many occasions when these policies were straight broken. These offenses of Caesars Policy comprised:

  • Enter my area to send ash-trays, though I had been told they would need to be left outside the room.
  • Delivery of towels along with other guest things (note: there is not any housekeeping service) which demanded the physical entrance of a worker.
  • Delivery of a bundle, which also demanded that I maintain the area and directly obtain the bundle from the team member.
  • Housekeeping entering the space at relatively 10:30 AM on the day of check-out although it had been before regular check-out and the area had been delegated a late night of 2:00 PM.

In quite a few tweets I caused several of these problems, along with the basis of this policy is assumed to be cleaning. The land was locked after all March. Can Caesars "really" wash these chambers to a better standard? Considering the quantity of noticeable dust and grime, it might be difficult to come to this decision.

So, before all else you to occupy a top Augustus space on 4 June. Room was unoccupied after all March. Lightbulbs burnt out. Jacuzzi doesn’t do the job. Door doesn’t lock (I have a movie of this ).

– (@TravelZork) June 9, 2020

How can anybody overlook this degree of filth? I was the 1st to occupy this space after all March? What’s the explanation @CaesarsPalace and @CaesarsEnt. Cost cutting? You’d months to sanitise and wash these rooms. This is the superior Augustus Tower. Maybe you have been to @WynnLasVegas

– (@TravelZork) June 9, 2020

Then you had numerous different items like a telephone system which wasn’t working at your home. The was acknowledged by the executive assistant of the VP of Hotel Operations for Caesars Entertainment.

If Cost Savings NOT Health and SafetyMaybe That Explains Things?

The door lock problem proved to be the worst. Since the doorway would "trick" you into believing it locked as it was actually left open. Further, my main concern in which the claims created by Caesars with respect to COVID-19 security and workers not keeping a contactless environment. It sounds Caesars isn’t particularly worried. However, why could Caesars NOT be worried about being compliant with their outside health and security protocols? Is it, a few of those protocols were for cost-saving rather than guest security?

In any event, should you state something is to get a guest’s security, the guest should have an expectation you will stick to these protocols. I achieved to Caesars through twitter and had a followup call in the office of the Vice President of Hotel Operations for Caesars Entertainment. I can only presume this individual is Stephanie Richter, but astonishingly the executive assistant wouldn’t offer the title of his or her boss.

This helper agreed there were important issues and they’d be addressed. I attempted to follow up again, and they’ve refused to discuss any of these problems. Rather, I had been given an offer to get a "future" three-night luxury resort remain by the Senior Director of Hotel Operations – Caesars Palace.

I Wanted Clarity – NOT a "freebie"

Since my aim was to know the coverages along with also a "free" Caesars remain was the final thing I needed, I immediately declined the offer and demand and created apparent I wanted to know these health and security problems, problems which were a part of Caesars Protocols.

Wynn Las Vegas – An Oasis of Safety

I also contrasted the gaps when after checking into Wynn Las Vegas and has been shocked. I moved out of a "luxury" resort with no solutions under the guise of COVID-19 into a luxury property which has been really operating with security protocols.

Photograph 2020 Michael Trager | Wynn Las Vegas In Room Safety Kit

Not only were all of the services supplied, but Wynn Las Vegas additionally supplied safety things like sanitizer and masks inside the room. A far cry from Caesars that doesn’t even supply bottles of water in check because of "safety.

Wynn Las Vegas | Tables GamesThermal Scanning | Plastic Dividers on Gaming and Dining

The conclusion was very clear after checking into Wynn Las Vegas. Caesars was not really interested in safety protocols. They were interested in #CovidExcuse being used to save money and further cost cut.

Oh, and I also happened to notice a butler/server pushing a room service cart toward the Octavius Tower. Perhaps, COVID-19 is a virus that is smart enough to not bother with big VIP casino players with $250k credit lines?

Wynn even had their spa and salon open, something that was not the case at Caesars Las Vegas.

Wynn Las Vegas continues to impress on all levels. But, more so, you feel safe at Wynn Resorts because they are following their protocols. Following protocols and providing service, imagine that.

  • Wynn Spa/Salon
  • Wynn Spa/Salon

Wynn Las Vegas – Salon

MORE WYNN – See Our Video Review

FAQ – Vegas Is Open

Yes, Vegas is open. Las Vegas reopened on June 4th, 2020. Numerous changes have been made after all reopening concerning policies and compliance for the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas due to COVID-19.

Yes, Vegas Casinos are open. Casinos, bars, and restaurants will go from 25% to 35% capacity Monday, February 15th, 2021. Significant capacity changes also occurred in March 2021. The next big shift in capacity is expected to be announced in May 2021.

The last time Vegas locked was the 25th of November, 1963. It was for John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

The Governor of Nevada instituted a statewide "pause" that started on November 24th, 2020. This included a number of different changes which are outlined in this article. The "pause" was extended by Governor Sisolak on December 13th, 2020. The statewide pause will go on until January 15th, 2021.

Some Caesars shows will go on and some will stop. MGM Resorts put its shows on a three-week hiatus at the end of November. For the most up-to-date details about shows see LAS VEGAS SHOWS – During Covid Times.

There will be no fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip this year. The only fireworks display and celebration will be in Downtown Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel and Casino on December 31st, 2020.

Yes, there is a mini-series called: Road Trip to Vegas Mini-Series, April 4th to April 8th, 2021. The series can be found on YouTube starting with Episode 1: April 4th "The Road To Vegas"

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