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Rockstar now introduced GTA 5 "THE DIAMOND PROGRAM", where gamers can unlock exceptional rewards at " THE DIAMOND CASINO & RESORT". Beginning from July 23, 2019 players are now able to enter in the new Diamond Casino & Resort. A totally new place and a premier destination for amusement and luxurious living in Los Santos. The Diamond Program is a sort of VIP Memberships standing, that brings excellent new perks and advantages. Inside this GTA 5 Diamond Program manual we’ll answer every question concerning the new upgrade. For instance once you’re able to take part in GTA 5 Casino Events, exactly what would be the particular benefits you can unlock, the way to unlock distinct VIP standing and a lot of more.

GTA 5 Diamond Program Guide

What Is the Last Date To Participate GTA 5 The Diamond Program?

GTA 5 The Diamond Program will go live on July 23, 2019, and you need to take part before August 7, 2019 to obtain access to all or any unique benefits and perks at the Diamond Program.

How To Get Silver Status In GTA Diamond Program?

To unlock Silver Status at GTA Diamond Casino & Resort, You Need to purchase Master Penthouse. It’s totally free for Twitch Prime users, obtaining Master Penthouse from the game will provide you Silver Status which makes you eligible for exclusive rewards.

GTA Online Silver Status Special Rewards:

  • "She’s Loaded" Wall Art
  • Diamond Classic Tee

Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits:

How to get vip casino gta 5 Video

"Using Tag Ol"

  • Free Master Penthouse at GTA Online
  • Bonus GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards
  • RDO$300 as well as the Superior Ammo Bundle
  • Bonus Gold Bars on purchases of Gold Bars
  • And much more to come!
  • "Using Tag Ol With Slash"

    Free Master Penthouse at the Diamond Casino & Resort, GTA$1.25MM, exclusive weekly discounts on top things & 10% additional on game-wide discounts. Click on the beneath link to Claim Free Master Penthouse in case You’re Twitch Prime User.

    How To Get Gold Status In GTA Diamond Program?

    How to get vip casino gta 5

    To unlock Gold Status at GTA Diamond Casino & Resort, before all else, unlock Silver Status. Afterward help Tao Cheng to shield his The Diamond casino by a Texan Magnates. A tainted family who would like to ruin Tao Cheng. You’ll meet him at the 2nd co-operative mission House Keeping. After competing for that you’ll unlock Gold Status at GTA Online Diamond Casino & Restart. Below are the distinctive benefits you’ll unlock after obtaining Gold Rewards.

    • Truffade Thrax
    • Truffade Tee

    How To Get Platinum Status In GTA Diamond Program?

    To unlock Platinum Status in GTA Diamond Casino & Resort, You Need to finish 5 Casino Work Missions for Head of Operations Agatha Baker. To unlock 5 Casino Work Missions telephone Ms. Baker after finishing the before all else co-operative assignment. You may earn some wonderful benefits .

    • Lucky 7s Tattoo
    • Kronos Ara Watch: A store specific accessory, unlock each variation of the luxury timepiece.

    How To Get Diamond Status In GTA Diamond Program?

    Reserved for Platinum Card members, Diamond Rewards in GTA Diamond Casino & Resort will be accessible for people who go the long haul. Complete every co-op assignments to make exclusive liveries of an extremely coveted brand-new car or truck. Unlock two automobiles such as Annis S80RR Supercar. Diamond Pro awards will simply be unlocked medially August 8 to August 13, 2019.

    It time today to unlock all of the wonderful benefits from new GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort. Before You Begin, maintain Master Penthouse using Social Club x Twitch Prime profits and unlock Silver standing in the Diamond Program. You need to link your accounts to maintain the Twitch Prime benefits, and there are just two means of accomplishing so. First after registering for Twitch Prime in case you can’t watch Master Penthouse then it is possible to purchase it and you’ll be given a rebate for the amount within two days. Secondly, the Master Penthouse is going to be recorded as Free for busy Twitch Prime users that have a fantastic standing at July 28 to August, 1 until the time you’re an energetic Prime Member.

    How to get vip casino gta 5

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    How to get vip casino gta 5

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