Grand hotel and casino tijuana

City landmark celebrates 30th year with developments such as healthcare suites, new casino.

TIJUANA, B.C. – One of the things I like about culture, travel and food writing would be the comments and answers I obtain when publishing a new article. After posting a current piece about the "Top 10 Travel Warnings for Baja California", I obtained a very Wonderful email from Gerardo Delgado, the Operations Manager in the Grand Hotel Tijuana. Gerardo appreciated my "tongue in cheek" take on 10 items which are really good about Baja California, thanked me for my own coverage on the area, and prolonged his services anytime I had to make a reservation in the resort.

That opportunity arose last month when I hosted two Mexican cuisine dignitaries in their before all else excursion of wine and food at Baja California. Our before all else day – and night – was spent in Tijuana. I contacted Gerardo who made our bookings and excited about some new jobs the resort is presently job through its 30 th anniversary this past year.

The Grand Hotel, Tijuana.

The resort is just one of 2 twin towers built from the Bustamante property household in 1982. Locals refer to precisely the same buildings together as Las Torres. The Grand Hotel Tijuana started in 1985. The resort’s insides are spacious, airy and clean. The rooms are nicely appointed and the beds and pillows are extremely clean and comfy – a requirement when passing out after a day of meals traveling around town. The place on Agua Caliente Boulevard is convenient and close to most of the favorite colonias of Tijuana.

View of Tijuana in the Grand Hotel.

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I remained in the Grand Hotel through the 2013 Baja California Culinary Fest. I discovered that the prices a worth at roughly $80US for a typical room. Along with the amenities are myriad. Though not possessed by the resort, the land abuts a golf course, includes a 1,000 square meter atrium such as occasions, a swimming pool, tennis court, health club and a fantastic cafe. So great in actuality, that one of my culinary guests that resides in Mexico City couldn’t obtain enough of the pozole at the breakfast buffet. The hotel also offers a higher-end restaurant, the 4500 Caf & Bar, where chef Ral Nnez serves a special menu based on regional ingredients.

Plaza Cafe, The Grand Hotel, Tijuana

During our stay, I met Delgado and Sales Manager Carlos Rosette in the lobby to tour the new projects. Our before all else stop was the Grand Care suites, a block of ten rooms dedicated to medical tourists – predominantly from the US – who visit Tijuana for bariatric and other surgical procedures. Though it’s not uncommon to see medical tourists – identified by their hospital wristbands – in many Tijuana hotels, the Grand Care suites are unique in several ways.

Each of the ten rooms has medical beds and bathrooms equipped with bars and seats in the showers. There’s a private lounge, special dietetic menus, high speed Internet, an exclusive check-in area and a private lounge. Delgado explained. "We’ve been supplying these kinds of rooms along with a medical concierge support after all March 2014. We’re the only resort in Tijuana with these kinds of facilities. " As we exited the suites area after chatting with a couple of happy guests, a friendly representative of one of the bariatric offices in TJ said hello and went in to check on his patient.

Room at the Grand Hotel, Tijuana

Grand hotel and casino tijuana

Our tour concluded on the 32 nd floor lounge, which provided an awesome panoramic view of the city. Delgado explained that the Grand Hotel wants to turn the top three floors of the hotel into a Grand Club for exclusive guests and high rollers from the new casino. The Grand Club will also have it’s own kitchen and restaurant that will cater exclusively to these clients.

Bar at the Grand Plaza Hotel, Tijuana.

Looking out over the surrounding buildings and hills, Delgado concluded, "When the Grand Hotel started 30 decades back, the evolution began a boom in construction in this region of the town. " Indeed, here just north of Zona Centro, you’d almost forget you were in a border town, easily imagining that you’re in a larger Mexican metropolis. Mexico City, Puebla or Monterrey, perhaps. And with a set of grand plans not unlike the plans of its host city, it will be interesting to see how the Grand Hotel Tijuana continues to expand and adapt as tourism – both for medical and entertainment purposes – continues to rebound here.

The Tijuana Grand Hotel is located at 4500 Agua Caliente Boulevard, Colonia Aviacon, Tijuana, 1-866-599-6674,

DISCLAIMER: My two guests and I were generously hosted and received rooms for one night, complements of the Grand Hotel Tijuana. I paid the full rate when I stayed with the hotel in 2014, and would stay again at that rate as I enjoy the hotel, its staff, hospitality, amenities and location. My opinions are my own, and no compensation was received from the hotel or its affiliates for writing this article.

Grand hotel and casino tijuana

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Grand hotel and casino tijuana

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