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ONAMIA – A 23-year-old Onamia guy and also a 21-year-old Onamia girl are in custody at Mille Lacs County Jail, pending charges that stem from a drive-by shooting Thursday from the Grand Casino Hotel parking lot from Onamia, reported Mille Lacs County Sheriff Brent C. Lindgren.

Lindgren reported at 4 , the Mille Lacs Sheriff 911 communications received a call of somebody being taken at the parking lot facing the Grand Casino. The victim was later identified as Dale Clinton White Jr., 19, Isle, who’d been shot from the rear and was currently up in a hotel room on the fifth floor of the Casino Hotel.

Mille Lacs Tribal Police responded to the area and secured the parking lot place east of the Grand Casino Hotel regaining shell casings as proof a fire and whined to the victim until Mille Lacs Health System ambulance and paramedics arrived on scene. The victim was transported to the Mille Lacs Health Systems Hospital where he was treated and discharged using non-life-threatening injuries sustained by a clear bullet grazing his spine.

Mille Lacs Grand Casino surveillance managed to help law enforcement with identifying the suspect vehicle as a truck via movie footage. The description of these suspects has been given out to all area law enforcement and a brief time after the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s office situated the potential suspect vehicle in the SuperAmerica gas channel in Garrison inhabited by two people. SuperAmerica’s video suggested the suspect car was inhabited by a female and male. After a Crow Wing County Sheriff deputy trying to block the suspect car in Garrison the truck fled Lake Mille Lacs and led in a southeasterly direction. The squad car couldn’t chase the defendant’s automobile.

At this time a perimeter of Mille Lacs Lakewas setup with Isle, Onamia, Mille Lacs Tribal and Baxter police divisions, Crow Wing County, Mille Lacs County, Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota DNR, Mille Lacs Tribal DNR, the Minnesota State Patrol and North Central Drug Task Force Agents. Covering leaves of this lake with air assistance in the DNR and state patrol and hotel owners tracking their streets for the suspect car.

Mille Lacs Tribal DNR representatives went outside on snowmobile patrol and found the suspect car abandoned southwest of Rainbow Island at Vineland bay close to the coast line. Mille Lacs Sheriff’s K-9 "Yazz" monitored two defendant footprints from the abandoned car to Migizi Drive to where there was signs of another vehicle involved in picking up both.

Through analysis; movie, automobile and officer intellect, an individual of interest has been designed and surveillance of many houses in the region led to North Central Drug Task Force Agents sparking a traffic stop of a 4-by4- Bronco automobile leaving a home occupied by four people, among which was a female. This Bronco’s tire beliefs appeared to match with the Migizi Drive impressions as well as the feminine person of interest has been identified as a 21-year-old Onamia lady. Crow Wing deputy affirmed that she had been the female occupant at the truck before in Garrison that fled Lake Mille Lacs. The shoes she had been wearing seemed to match with the Migizi Drive shoe prints also and she had been taken into custody.

Through further research, a 23-year-old Onamia guy was identified as a person of curiosity and has been thought to be in a house in the 43000 block Oodena Drive. Upon officers establishing a permitter of the house and calling him outside, he came from the house without incident and has been taken in custody.

A hunt of 43785 Oodena Drive by officials discovered a loaded pistol with ballistic tip rounds.

Officers later executed a search warrant in 16740 Ataage Drive, the house of this Onamia guy and recovered 9mm, 22 and 38 ammunition rounds, in addition to a holster.

The man and girl are in prison pending charges in Mille Lacs and Crow Wing County. The analysis is ongoing and proceeds.

Grand casino hotel onamia

Anyone who has additional information is demand to contact the Mille Lacs Tribal Police or the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s office in 320-983-8250.

Lindgren reports that all involved are to be commended for their efforts to help in the identification of the suspect vehicle and individuals of interest. With every one these agencies communicating on the radio everything functioned nicely together with the coordinated efforts as well as the communication team of Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office in addition to the Brainerd State Patrol working nicely together coordinating and helping search attempts which resulted in an effective resolution to a tragic occasion.

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Grand casino hotel onamia

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Grand casino hotel onamia

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