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180 Christopher Columbus Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

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Victory Casino Cruise Schedule and Cost

Come out to Port Canaveral and enjoy a day or an evening together with Victory Casino Cruise Lines! They’re the Space Coast’s sole casino gaming prospect. Victory Casino Cruises sail 7 days each week, sailing two daily cruises. Victory’s enjoyable and modern atmosphere offers the ideal setting for a day of friendly gambling and playing the slots, in addition to dining on a sumptuous buffet and ingesting a few beautiful cocktails! Bring the entire gang and earn a day (or night! ) ) of it! It’s the ideal chance to kick back and unwind to your entire gang, realizing there’s something there for all to enjoy!

Folks ask all of the time for your Victory Casino cruise program and boarding cost info. So, here it’s!! The casino renders Port Canaveral in 11 AM Monday-Saturday and yields at 4 PM. The next cruise of this afternoon sails at 7 PM and returns at midnight Monday-Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it yields 12:30 AM. On Sundays, select from passing at 12 pm reunite at 6 PM or death at 7 PM and return at midnight. Looking to find the best coupon bargain for boarding? CLICK to publish this free coupon and save $22 per individual on a Victory Casino Cruises Fun Package. The Fun Package contains buffet, dressing & 10 slot perform qualified play till a $50 value!

The Casino has over 600 slot machines on 4 decks of games and fun! Enjoy all your favourite Vegas-style matches with all the most well-known themes. No casino boat has sailed in Florida with all the grade of the slot machines which Victory could provide! On board you’ll also find Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Roulette, Craps & a lot of more.

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Victory Casino Cruises 180 Christopher Columbus Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920 Terminal B-2 Port Canaveral

Victory Casino Cruise Information: 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286)

Want to spend the evening before or after your cruise? Take a Look at local Port Canaveral Hotels together with our Victory Casino Cruise Stay & Play Package.

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Cocoa beach victory casino login

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  • "Had a great time on VIctory Casino ship out of Port Canaveral. The sail out was good, the entertainment on the top deck was great. I mostly played craps and had a great time, The dealers at the craps table did a great job even though some of the other players were taking their time. " Dorothy, Jacksonville, FL
  • "We had a great time! The food was wonderful. We couldn’t have demand for better weather. We watched a goat and a stingray on the journey out. Had a great winning night in the table too." Sandy, Freeport, FL
  • "This is a fantastic cruise. I had a fantastic time, the team was fantastic, and the buffet was so great. I’ve not ever been on a sea cruise before, so I had been concerned about sea sickness, but the railroad was so eloquent, it was just like I had been standing on solid earth. Fresh air, the sea, the slot machines, beverages, fantastic crew. The top 5 hour excursion I have ever obtained. Food was fantastic and my waiter did a fantastic job and made me feel at home. On the ground Lisa did a fantastic job of producing my beverages quickly and professionally. I had a terrific time!" James, Palm Bay, FL
  • "The casino is almost always a fantastic time. For a fair amount, you obtain a meal, dressing table, beverage tickets and accessibility to onboard displays. The buffet provides a fantastic choice – can always find something to eat for picky eaters. Gaming onboard comprises over 600 slot machines and table games. Staff is friendly and available during the cruise. You may even win a little cash. Fantastic action to pass a couple of hours. The day and nighttime cruise are fantastic. If you prefer to bet, you won’t be let down. In case you’re not a gambler you will find different pursuits but you always bring a novel and obtain some sunshine on deck" Tommy, Suffolk, VA

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Cocoa beach victory casino login

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Cocoa beach victory casino login

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