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If you’ve been wondering how exactly casino loyalty and VIP approaches operate, you’re in the ideal location. All things considered, who doesn’t want a few freebies and a bit of special VIP treatment every now and again?

On a wider scale, loyalty programs have been around for a long time – whether it’s in your local supermarket, a coffee shop, or a fast food outlet (to name a few). Being awarded a bonus for spending money you were going to spend anyway, well it seems like a no brainer.

With the vast amount of gambling sites available at your fingertips these days, you are sure to find a casino loyalty program that suits you. Although usually very similar in structure, you will find a wide scope of points systems in these loyalty schemes, depending on the casino site in question.

It is always recommended to check the terms and conditions of a particular casino VIP scheme before joining, as the points-to-pound ratio can actually vary quite considerably.

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Loyalty vs VIP?

The good news is to simplify things, a lot of online casinos have now decided to combine the VIP and loyalty schemes together.

This means that once you’ve joined the loyalty scheme or program (or in most cases, have simply signed up to an online casino that happens to have a loyalty program), you can climb the tiers. In other words, the more you wager and play, you will eventually reach the VIP status on your own merits.

On some online casino websites the VIP department might just be an alternative way of saying loyalty program, and not really a full VIP experience at all, so watch out for that.

In most cases, when you reach the top few tiers you will automatically become a VIP member, and be able to profit from all of the rewards that come with that all-important VIP status.

If you check the site’s VIP section, you will usually find the online casino in question has outlined what it takes to become a VIP with them.

Starting at the bottom of the loyalty program you can still expect to receive a variety of gifts, and points you can use to purchase prizes. The more frequently you play or bet, the higher you climb on the loyalty ladder.

How to Become a VIP?

For the most part, casinos will in fact enter you into the loyalty program the minute you produce an account, so you won’t have to be worried about missing .

We recommend though, like with many things in life, to check the terms and conditions. It’s always a fantastic idea to understand what is expected of youpersonally, and of course everything you may expect in return.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and find the online casino with a loyalty program best suited to you.

In some cases, the casino might only let you join in when you’ve committed to wagering or depositing a specific amount of money. Some, however, may only allow new members VIP access by invitation only.

VIP and Loyalty Points

You will find that nearly all VIP/Loyalty programs will award you points for playing certain games at the online casino platform.

In order to obtain these points, you may find that you need to bet on a specific game, or make a minimum bet (or wager).

The wager limit will be a lot higher for table games, such as blackjack, poker and roulette; but will be fairly low for games like slots and other (non-table) casino games.

Claim Rewards and Spend Points

As previously noted, online casinos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and when it comes to loyalty and VIP schemes there will be some subtle differences to look out for.

Whilst one online casino will award you gifts/rewards at certain points, like upon reaching a milestone, another might permit you to use your points to buy rewards and prizes or so-called loyalty points shop

High Roller VIP

Players who can afford to wager a high amount of money are known as ‘high rollers’, or sometimes ‘whales’.

Regularly wagering large sums of cash, usually on a daily basis, a ‘high roller’ will tend to be rewarded more lavish gifts as a result of this.

With this high roller VIP status often comes lots of extra profits such as a personal account manager, faster withdrawal times, higher betting and wagering limits, and highly exclusive promotions and offers.

If you’re wagering, say thousands month in month out, you’re probably not going to be interested or impressed with something like 30 free spins on a minimum bet.

It is recommended that you select an online casino which offers real money as a cash back bonus, as you will profit many more from being rewarded with coins or points, than free spins and such like. VIP programs have ‘Loyalty Stores’ which are usually stocked full of prizes such as electrical gadgets and holidays.

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Due to the nature of the tiered structure and point based system, some online Casinos will have VIP rewards as invitation only, especially for the top level players.

What are Exclusive Tables in Online Casino VIP Schemes?

The more experienced online casinos out there will offer tables exclusively for high roller VIPs. Generally these come with many higher payouts and maximum bets or wagers.

If you consider yourself a high roller in the online casino space, you can take full improvement of a truly VIP experience.

Multiple Level VIP

Also referred to as tiered levelling, the more frequently you play, and the higher the amount you are willing to wager, the bigger your reward will be.

You will usually find more information in the terms and conditions on various levels of VIP, and the rewards you can expect to come your way the higher up the ladder you obtain.

Like a lot of loyalty programs, you must start from the very bottom and work your way up towards the top tier rewards.

Although some casinos may allow you to remain at a specific level, once you’ve made it so far, be aware that some online casinos will need for you to go on to earn those points at a predetermined rate.

If this is the case and you drop down one of these tiers, you will unfortunately lose the rewards and privileges you previously had access to.

If you check the casino website or your player account dashboard you can usually check your progress, with regards to what loyalty level you are on. With every bet placed, you obtain closer and closer to reaching the top.

Whilst some loyalty programs offer a clear and concise list of what rewards you can expect to be unlocked on each level, some may be completely random.

Customer Support – VIP

Casino vip membership

Back in the day, VIP players, who were higher up the ladder would have a dedicated personal customer service agent. Especially if you are a loyalty program member, there’s probably not that many call for that level of personal attention, given that customer support at online casinos is now generally a lot better than it used to be.

That being said, if you are at a VIP level, you will want to take full improvement of your VIP experience and take the enhanced customer support that goes with it.

VIP Customer Support can vary from casino to casino but profits usually include 24/7 assistance and a dedicated personal account manager amongst other things depending on the casino’s loyalty program.

How to Identify the Best Loyalty Programs

Every casino differs slightly, and so do it’s players. Chances are you want to be rewarded for your play, which is why it’s important to weigh up different casino site loyalty programs, and figure out what is most important to you personally.

The best online loyalty programs will automatically opt you in to the loyalty/VIP scheme. At a minimum this should include things like cash back with no requirements on wagering.

You should be looking out for clear information about point accumulation, and tips on how to gain a high status.

Loyalty and VIP Perks and Rewards

Reward prizes can be unlocked in many different ways, and come in many different forms.

Whether it’s a big spin you’re hoping for, or a no deposit bonus, there is plenty on offer.

  • No Deposit Bonuses: Probably the least complicated of all bonuses offered, the no deposit bonus simply means that by registering at an online casino, you don’t need to deposit everything whatsoever so as to get it.
  • Cash Back: To put it simply, your online casino choice may well benefit its VIP players using actual cash. This is sometimes by minding your bonus points to get money, or will be contingent on the sum of play. Other online casinos may offer money back, but in the shape of ‘bonus cash’ to inspire you to stay around.
  • Birthday presents: When registering to some online casino you have to before all else input your basic information, such as your date of arrival. It follows that if your birthday comes around, you could be offered a particular birthday promotional ‘gift’, or even a bonus reward as a thank you for your devotion.
  • Free Spins/Bets: Free stakes are obviously a remarkably common profit from online casino VIP applications. It is possible to play your favorite game (or perhaps test a brand new one), to get a particular number of plays at no cost. Regardless of the spin being liberated, it is possible to still win real money. Obviously the quantity of free stakes or spins will be determined depending on just how far up you’re about the VIP ladder.
  • Electronic Gifts and Appliances: Many online casinos have a devotion points shop. This is where you can invest your reward points on all kinds of unique gifts/prizes, such as iPads, TV’s, pills along with a selection of other goodies.
  • Priority Customer Support: If for example you’re already a large enough roller to possess your personal accounts supervisor; then this may not interest you very many. But for nearly all players priority support may mean that you have a many greater online casino encounter, since the relationship time can be many briefer when anticipating a reply. Typically, you may even get 24/7 phone service, and live chat easily.
  • VIP Concierge: Some online casinos supply a personalised concierge service, which is basically your own personal assistant.
  • Low Rollover Requirements: Also Known as ‘wagering requirement’, the partitioning requirement are the Sum of Money you have to bet before you can draw some of your bonus winnings
  • Reload Bonuses: More often than not a reload bonus will be provided in a lower percentage. The higher you are on the VIP ladder, the greater the reload bonuses provided to you will end up.

VIP Tournaments and Events

Basically a free ticket, so to speak, for championships – both live and virtual. You can stand to acquire some rather massive prizes and remarkable jackpots, and of course an assortment of different prizes available.

Does an Online Loyalty Club Differ From a Land-Based Casino Club?

Actually, yes it will. To be able to combine a loyalty club in a land-based casino, you’ll have to formally enroll for it. The benefits may also differ, occasionally including product, dinner, entertainment, free play money and maybe even hotel rooms.

When it comes to an online casino loyalty program, you must be opted-in. According to gameplay, you’ll automatically be issued with your own points. Broadly , your wages will be in concurrence with all the points equilibrium.

Online loyalty applications are more inclined to include prizes such as; particular bonuses, absolutely free withdrawals, free product, or perhaps excursions.

The Verdict?

Whilst it is dependent upon how you like to perform and be rewarded for doing this, the vast majority of online casinos will gladly reward you for wagering together.

The best method for online casinos to benefit their clients would be via VIP clubs and loyalty strategies. It’s very crucial that you deposit and perform on a regular basis so as to obtain the absolute most from your online casino devotion expertise, so please make sure it’s a site you like playing .

Some online casinos stipulate the only way that you are able to obtain in the VIP club would be to get a particular invitation, however you don’t know until you ask, so it might be worth trying your luck and asking to become a VIP!

Casino vip membership

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Casino vip membership

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