Casino vip host resume sample

Copy this Sample Hostess Resume and personalize it to create your very own resume, which is dependent on your desktop and gained abilities. Related tasks are: Air Hostess, Restaurant Hostess, Guest Host, TV Host Resume, Waitress or a Waiter.

Background A host/hostess has the authority of looking after the facilities and convenience of their guests inside a restaurant/hotel. Their job responsibilities involves looking after the remain arrangements of guest, making chairs and food arrangements etc., they must ensure the guests have a pleasant experience from the institution where they’re working.

Hostess/Host Resume Example

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Five year record of devotion and commitment to providing outstanding customer hosting solutions to company’s clientele. Perfected the next abilities:

  • Pleasant look – Neat, clean and non-offensive wardrobe
  • Communication and customer-handling abilities.
  • Ability to lead/guide – Enthusiastic and friendly with co-workers and customers.

Objective Statement – Pursue a position of Host/Hostess where client service orientation and social skills, together with professional attitude towards customers, is valued and appreciated. Performing my job with complete dedication, ethics and maintenance to create a considerable contribution to the image and benefits from this hospitality business.


Hostess Restaurants Gim-Tak Miami, FL 2008 – Present

Casino vip host resume sample

Casino vip host resume sample Video

Main Contributions:

  • Received and welcomed the guests with due focus; greeted them with a grin.
  • Provided best caliber of support to the clients by creating seating arrangements and space reservation before their trip.
  • Presented the guests together with menus and clarified any distinctive cuisines to be served.
  • Ensured food caliber prior to serving, introduced it at the most tasty way.
  • Assisted the clients by working their inquiries and grievances.
  • Coordinated with additional employees to guarantee the accessibility of finest service for those guests.

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Casino vip host resume sample

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